Addons 2

Articles that help you with the addons to your hosting account.

Billing 5

This covers most questions regarding billing issues that you may have.

cPanel 2

If you're needing help with your Control Panel this is the place to look.

Domains 2

Information on what you are able to do with your domains.

Email 8

If you're having trouble with your email account please look here.


Our commonly asked questions and their solutions.


Information on what FTP is and how to use it.

Hosting 2

Everything you need to know about website hosting.

My Quota 1

Information on where to find your account limits.

Troubleshooting 1

Common troubleshooting steps.

Website Updates 1

Need help with submitting a website update?

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Webmail can be accessed by using the following URL:

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 How do I create an email account in cPanel?

First thing you'll need to do is login to cPanel.  (If you need help logging in to...

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